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♥ Sunday, March 15, 2009
Our Very First Sentosa Outing!

Hello guys!

Everyone is back home from Sentosa with Tanned skin! Especially SK! He kept applying tanning lotion non stop lah ._.

It's W473's first trip together to Sentosa, together with few of the W426 people! :D Also, this is my first trip to Sentosa too! :D really appreciate you guys to be there, had fun, and unforgettable memories!

Our combined cell won captain's ball! Didn't proceed to Volley ball because of the rain D: but Kudos to all!

Special welcome & thanks to the friends that joined us!
Namely, Leo, Jiahong & Honghui (SK's brother) =D

I think we really had fun together also knowing each other more. This event also built our team spirit stronger! :D

Thank you WYZ's organisers!

Let's look forward to greater events together as W473 alright!

Love you guys VERY VERY much!

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♥ Saturday, March 14, 2009
Congrats to MIKKI!:D

Congratulations Mikki Charis, our Cellgroup leader in W473 for being Promoted to EM!

So now, she's no longer our PCGL, but an official CGL! :D PTL!

I bet everyone had a good time celebrating and rejoicing in church today! :D

Mikki, with greater power comes greater responsibilities.

We all trust in YOU! :D

All the best,

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♥ Friday, February 6, 2009
My Life 2009

Hey guys,

Hope u are truly blessed by the binder My Life 2009!
Lets all aim to be faithful in reading the bible and the devotion. =)

Anyway My Life binder aside, want to share with u guys something interesting!
Maybe some of you may find it familiar =)

I was just going through my bible study material last time,
and pondered upon one lesson on
Reaching out with Jesus's Love.

It was written " People don't really care how much we know until they know how much we care!"

I thought to myself, am I caring enough for the people around me.
Maybe u may have similiar thoughts as well...

So W473, lets care for one another more on our own accord=)
Be it to ur friends or cg members, let reach out with Jesus's love.

Look forward for CG this week!

C U~
Love Mikki

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♥ Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


May All ur Wishes come true,
and may God bless u with abundance!


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♥ Monday, January 26, 2009

Dearest W473,

Wishing u all a Very Very Very
Super Duper Blessed Chinese New Year!

Have a great visitations =)


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♥ Sunday, January 25, 2009
Happy 牛year

YOYOX every1~~~!!!

b4 i go malaysia.... here to wish every1 HAPPY NEW YR....恭喜发财... 红包拿来....=X hahahax....

for those hu r studyin - 祝你们学业进步.... gt many many As....
for those hu r workin - 祝你们心想事成... gt promoted n salary increment....
for those hu r single - 祝你们快点找到你的另一半....
for those hu r married - 祝你早生贵子....

hohohoho.... enjoy urself yea.... XD n 1 last thing... MUZ RMB TO MISS MI HOR~~!!!! ^^

Rolling, rolling on the floor~~!!

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♥ Saturday, January 24, 2009
extended prayer list

everybody who went to yesterday's Combined CellGroup at Queestown will agree with me that it is an awesome session! I missed Shaun's talkings. There isn't preaching of sermon, instead Shaun decided to use the remaining time to share about this cool folder called "My Life 2009"

Since i'm a member of W473, i only got the photo below for W473's folder.

My Life 2009

this book is awesome, it contains 5 categories in total.
  1. God's Word
  2. God's Power
  3. God's Salvation
  4. God's Promise
  5. God's purpose
Special thanks to:
Mikki, Jasmine and Naresh really spent the effort to stay up late to do the redesign, printings and also the pasting of cover pages. Really appreciate it!

W473, to show our appreciation, we shall really make FULL use of the folder okayys! bring it everywhere! read it, digest it, think about it, meditate on it and pen down your thoughts! ask about anything you're unsure of. Let's move on to the next level! Let's not just remain where we are right now! We're ONE BIG family! :D

let's all add 4 things into our prayer list alright! this is the extension to our prayer list!

Prayer List Extension:
  1. Shenny's Family (pray for reconciliation, no divorce cases, father to slide back to God)
  2. XueTing & WeiChong (pray for them to get into their desired courses smoothly. for XueTing, her first choice is New Media in Republic Poly. for WeiChong, his first choice is InfoTech in Ngee Ann Poly )
  3. RuiLing's Project (pray for smooth presention, pray for able to hand up her project parts on time, pray for minimization of dispute among her group mates.)
  4. Mikki's weak body haven't rested enough (pray for healing and speedy recovery.)
if you guys have any special request for prayer, you can post up alright! if you wanna access the blogger to post and forgotten the user and password, please feel free to text the MIGHTY KY for it, she'll be more glad to tell you!

before i end, i wanna wish everyone a...

for those who haven't got married, get alot alot angbao! $_$
for those who are already married, we'll get alot alot angbao from you!

mighty KY! :D

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